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RBC Folate Level


RBC Folate Level
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Reference Range:

200 – 650 µg/l

Turnaround Time:

24 hours


Folates are vitamin compounds related to pteroylglutamic acid (PGA). Folates are necessary for nucleic acid and mitochondrial protein synthesis, amino acid metabolism and other cellular formations. These defiencies can lead to megaloblastic anaemia. The body obtains it's folate exclusively from the diet and has stores for only 4 months


Following venepuncture, mix the sample well to prevent clot formation within .
Clotted EDTA samples will not be processed.

Vessels and Containers:

1x4.5ml EDTA

Sample Requirements:

Samples stored in light for more than 24 hours will have a falsely low RBC folate level Gross haemolysis will affect results as indication of badly taken/stored sample


Excessive exposure to light may alter folate values. so care must be taken to protect samples and haemolysates from light. Haemolysis significantly increases folate values. Methotrexate and leucovorin interfere with folate measurement

How result is reported:

If the EDTA sample quality is acceptable, results will be reported as per reference range. If the EDTA sample quality is unacceptable then, the request will be cancelled and the reason for cancellation will be reported

Transportation and Handling:

Samples which are to be transported by hand or local transport should be dispatched in clearly sealed individual plastic bags. If it is sent from longer distances, the person sending the specimen must ensure that the appropriate specimen container is used. Samples should be protected from light