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Serum Folate


Serum Folate
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Reference Range:

4 – 26 ug/L.

Turnaround Time:

1 day


Folates are vitamin compounds related to pteroylglutamic acid (PGA). Folates are necessary for nucleic acid and mitochondrial protein synthesis, amino acid metabolism and other cellular formations. These defiencies can lead to megaloblastic anaemia. The body obtains it's folate exclusively from the diet and has stores for only 4 months


Avoid Haemolysis during venepuncture

Vessels and Containers:

4.5ml serum (Gold Top)

Sample Requirements:

Serum is the recommended sample types for this assay. An EDTA sample is also required for full blood count (FBC) analysis, to aid result interpretation, and for Red Cell Folate analysis if the serum folate result is found to be <4 ug/L.


Folates are light sensitive. Minimize exposure to light during sample handling and storage. Any haemolysis will falsely and significantly elevate results

How result is reported:

All serum folate results are reported to one decimal place. Serun folate results <4ug/L will automatically have a Red cell foltae added

Important Information:

Any haemolysis will falsely and significantly elevate results Samples will not be tested