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Request Form and other Advice

All specimens should be directed to the Haematology department at either Frimley Park Hospital, the Royal Surrey County Hospital or Ashford & St Peters Hospital as appropriate.

Both specimen label and request form must be fully completed.

The minimum requirements for completion of the form are:

Four points of identification are mandatory and samples will not be tested unless all points completed on both form and sample

  • Hospital Number or NHS Number
  • Forename
  • Family Name
  • Date of Birth

Form and sample must also contain:

  • Ward or GP Surgery
  • Date and Time of Phlebotomy
  • Signature/Initials of Phlebotomist

Form must also contain:

  • Consultant
  • Name of Doctor/GP completing the request & bleep/contact number if inpatient
  • Clinical Details, including differential diagnosis
  • Priority Status of the specimen 

For GP samples please see separate advice on transportation on main page.

Inpatient samples may be brought to the laboratory by any member of staff designated to do so or will be delivered to main reception by the phlebotomists.


Measurement of Uncertainty (MoU)

MoU for all Haematology tests has been established for each measurement procedure within the laboratory. The MoU is available upon request, please contact the Haematology laboratory (please see contact information) if this information is required.