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Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA)


Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA)
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Reference Range:


Turnaround Time:

5 working days


Internal Test Code:- HEP2


Indication: Suspected SLE, connective tissue disease, hepatitis or drug induced lupus.

Background: Associated with “Connective Tissue Disease”, although low titre ANA may occur in normal people (incidence increases with age) and in pregnancy. Positive in > 95% cases of untreated SLE. If absent, SLE is virtually excluded. Depending on staining pattern, age of patient and clinical details, dsDNA antibodies and ENA may also be tested. Also found in juvenile chronic arthritis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, fibrosing alveolitis, autoimmune hepatitis, viral infections (especially EBV and CMV), and in drug reactions.

ANA patterns are associated with different diseases:
Homogeneous - SLE, Drug-induced SLE
Fine Speckled - Sjogren’s Syndrome, SLE
Coarse Speckled - SLE, SLE overlap syndromes and mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD)
Nucleolar - This MAY be associated with connective tissue disease.
Centromere - limited scleroderma (CREST variant)
Atypical Discrete Speckled - This is a rare pattern which MAY be associated with viral or autoimmune liver disease. It may also be found, rarely, in CTD and other autoimmune diseases.

Method: Indirect Immunofluoresence (IIF) on HEp2 cells

Repeat Frequency: Please do NOT repeat unless clinically indicated
Test will not be performed if repeated within 7 days of previous request.



Vessels and Containers:

Serum gold-top

Sample Requirements:

500µl serum


None Known

How result is reported:

Negative or pattern observed and titre
Screening dilution is 1:160

Important Information:

Entry Last Modified 22/05/2019


ANA, ANF, Anti Nuclear Factor. Anti Centromere antibodies

Transportation and Handling:

At room temperature

Special Precautions:


Time limits for requesting additional examinations:

Sample available in this laboratory for approximately 2 weeks. Test can only be added to samples already received by Immunology