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Bence-Jones Protein/Urine Electrophoresis


Bence-Jones Protein/Urine Electrophoresis
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Reference Range:

No monoclonal light chains (BJP) detected

Turnaround Time:

5 working days


Internal Test Code:- BJP


Indication: Myeloma, Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinaemia and, rarely, lymphoma

Background: Indicated in all cases where paraproteinaemia is suspected.

Method: Electrophoresis and Immunofixation

Repeat Frequency:As clinically indicated


Early morning urine collection preferred.

Vessels and Containers:

White topped universal/urine tube (preservative free)

Sample Requirements:

500µl urine


Old or improper storage of urine samples may lead to enzymatic degradation of the proteins.

How result is reported:

Please note urinary free light chain quantification is not available. Please request serum free light chain quantification instead.

Important Information:

Entry Last Modified 22/05/2019


Urine electrophoresis, Urine Immunofixation, Urinary free light chains.

Transportation and Handling:

At room temperature

Special Precautions:


Time limits for requesting additional examinations:

Not available.