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C1q Level


C1q Level
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Reference Range:

50-250 mg/L

Turnaround Time:

14 Working Days


Internal Test Code:- C1Q


Indication: Differential diagnosis of aquired angioedema. Low levels can be seen in SLE, glomerulonephritis and recurrent infections.

Background: C1q is the initiating molecule for the classical activation pathway of complement. Deficiencies or defects in the molecule lead to a reduced or absent CH100 value. Familial deficiency is rare but reduced levels may be associated with SLE, recurrent bacterial infections and with glomerulonephritis. C1q levels are usually only measured in cases where CH100 is absent or the patient has increased susceptibility to infection.

Method: Radial Immunodiffusion (RID)

Repeat Frequency: As clinically indicated.



Vessels and Containers:

Serum gold-top

Sample Requirements:

500µl serum (see transportation and handling)


None known

How result is reported:

Numeric in U/ml

Important Information:

Entry Last Modified: - 22/05/2019

Reference Lab Description:

Protein Reference Unit, Northern General Hospital (Sheffield)

Transportation and Handling:

Sample must reach immunology laboratory within 2 hours of venesection. If this is not possible please arrange for the sample to be separated and frozen. Separated serum should then be sent on dry ice to Immunology.

Special Precautions:

See transportation and handling

Time limits for requesting additional examinations:

This test cannot be added to requests sent previously.