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Ribosomal Antibodies


Ribosomal Antibodies
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Turnaround Time:

7 working days


Internal Test Code:- RIBA


Indication: Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Background: Antibodies to ribosomes, particularly to ribosomal ribonucleoprotein (rRNP) are associated with SLE (5-12%of patients). The majority of patients with neuropsychiatric lupus will be positive for ribosomal P antibodies with the level reported to correlate with disease activity. Ribosomal P antibodies can also be found in rheumatoid arthritis. Antibodies recognize three phosphoproteins (P0, P1 and P2), antigens are distinct from antibodies to nuclear RNP’s.

Method: Enzyme Linked Immunoassay (ELiA)

Repeat Frequency: As clinically indicated



Vessels and Containers:

Serum gold-top

Sample Requirements:

500µl serum


None known

How result is reported:

Reported as Positive or Negative

Important Information:

Entry Last Modified: 09/07/2019


Anti Rib-P Antibodies

Transportation and Handling:

At room temperature

Special Precautions:


Time limits for requesting additional examinations:

Sample available in this laboratory for approximately 2 weeks. Test can only be added to samples already received by Immunology.