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Chlamydia Female Screening Programme


Chlamydia Female Screening Programme
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Reference Range:


Turnaround Time:

5 working days




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Any of the above containers can be used for this test.
Urine = Yellow Label Contianer
Endocervical and Urethral Swab = White Label Container
Self-take Vaginal Swab = Orange Label Container

Sample Requirements:

Urine Samples
Guidelines for collection:
1. The patient should not have urinated for at least 1 hour prior to specimen collection.
2. Direct patient to provide a first-catch urine (approximately 20 to 30 mL of the initial urine stream) into a urine collection cup free of any preservatives. Collection of larger volumes of urine may result in rRNA target dilution that may reduce test sensitivity. Female patients should not cleanse the labial area prior to providing the specimen.
3. Remove the cap and transfer 2 mL of urine into the urine specimen transport tube using the disposable pipette provided. The correct volume of urine has been added when the fluid level is between the black fill lines on the urine specimen transport tube label.
4. Re-cap the urine specimen transport tube tightly. This is now known as the processed urine specimen.

Self Taken Vaginal Swabs
Patient collected vaginal swabs are an alternative for testing when a pelvic exam is not otherwise indicated.
Prior to collecting the swab, the patient should be prepared for taking such a sample and is clear on the instructions of collection. Not following the direction may result in an invalid or false negative result.
Collection of a self-taken vaginal swab:
1. Partially peel open the swab package. Remove the swab. Do not touch the soft tip or lay the swab down. If the soft tip is touched, the swab is laid down, or the swab is dropped, use a new Aptima Vaginal Swab Specimen Collection Kit.
2. Hold the swab, placing your thumb and forefinger in the middle of the swab shaft covering the score line. Do not hold the swab shaft below the score line.
3. Carefully insert the swab into the vagina about 2 inches (5 cm) past the introitus and gently rotate the swab for 10 to 30 seconds. Make sure the swab touches the walls of the vagina so that moisture is absorbed by the swab and then withdraw the swab without touching the skin.
4. While holding the swab in the same hand, unscrew the cap from the tube. Do not spill the contents of the tube. If the contents of the tube are spilled, use a new Aptima Vaginal Swab Specimen Collection Kit.
5. Immediately place the swab into the transport tube so that the score line is at the top of the tube.
6. Carefully break the swab shaft at the score line against the side of the tube.
7. Immediately discard the top portion of the swab shaft.
8. Tightly screw the cap onto the tube.

Swab Samples
The Aptima Multitest specimen collection kit may be used by practitioners to collect throat, rectum, vagina, and penile samples for CTGC testing. Eye swabs for CTGC must be taken using a white and purple top tube (the self-taken vagina tubes, see section 3.3.3).
General swab collection instructions:
1. Partially peel back the swab wrapper, and remove the swab without touching the soft tip or laying it down.
2. Holding the swab in the middle before the score line, collect sampling of the area.
3. Whilst holding the swab, unscrew the cap of the collection tube. Do not spill any of the contents.
4. Insert the swab into the tube, and snap at the score line. Do not remove the swab from the tube or re-cap the tube without breaking the swab, otherwise the shaft will break the cap foil and the sample will be rejected.