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Mycology - Skin / Nails / Hair


Mycology - Skin / Nails / Hair
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Turnaround Time:

up to 4 weeks


Culture will only be performed if:
- Patient is immunocompromised
- Patient is <10 years old
- Clinical details indicate trauma, ?candida or treatment failure.


Microscopy and Fungal culture of skin/nails/hair


Fold in black paper and put into universal. Dermapaks are preferred sample type.

Sample Requirements:

Skin Scales/Hair or Nail clippings.
For Skin scrappings:
Collect sample from outer edge of lesions

For Nails:
Include scrapings from beneath nail with clippings.

For Hair:
Include root.

How result is reported:

Culture results available within 4 weeks.

Microscopy results within 2 weeks.

Queries about mycology samples should be directed to Frimley Park hub laboratory on

01276 526958.

Important Information:

Please clearly state relevant clinical details pertaining to the reasons behind taking the sample i.e. hot/pain/red. Samples without relevant clinical details may be rejected.
Please state on form if the patient has had recent foreign travel or if there is a strong suspicion of high risk pathogens as these pose a risk to laboratory staff.