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Semen culture


Semen culture
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Turnaround Time:

4 days


Please clearly state relevant clinical details pertaining to the reasons behind taking the sample i.e. hot/pain/red. Samples without relevant clinical details may be rejected.
Please state on form if the patient has had recent foreign travel or if there is a strong suspicion of high risk pathogens as these pose a risk to laboratory staff.


The culture of semen for a bacterial ( not chlamydia ) infection

Sample Requirements:

A fresh sample is preferable, not transferred from a condom.

How result is reported:

Culture results available on screen within 4 working days

Important Information:

It is important to make it clear that these specimens are for culture not infertility testing. Infertility testing has to be performed ASAP and are not processed on the same site as Microbiology but within the CYTOLOGY DEPT