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Posaconazole Assay


Posaconazole Assay
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Reference Range:

Prophylaxis: Pre 0.7-3.75mg/L. Therapy: Pre 1.0 -3.75mg/L. All Pre dose levels to be kept below 3.75mg/L

Turnaround Time:

<5 days


This test is being referred to Bristol AAR


Posaconazole Assay. Requesters have found these assays to be of value in patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction receiving therapy with proton pump inhibitors to confirm optimal oral absorption.

Sample Requirements:

4 mls clotted blood. We recommend a pre dose sample taken immediately before administration.

Important Information:

Test Information Required: • Patient name, sex and age • Laboratory number • Dosage, frequency and timing of samples • Clinical Summary • Other medications (essential) • Address for report • Phone (fax if preferred) number for report or email address for an electronic copy • Contact name • Appropriate hazard warnings