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Chlamydia Rectal Swab


Chlamydia Rectal Swab
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Reference Range:


Turnaround Time:

5 working days




Chlamydia Rectal Swab

Sample Requirements:

Swab Samples
The Aptima Multitest specimen collection kit may be used by practitioners to collect throat, rectum, vagina, and penile samples for CTGC testing. Eye swabs for CTGC must be taken using a white and purple top tube (the self-taken vagina tubes, see section 3.3.3).
General swab collection instructions:
1. Partially peel back the swab wrapper, and remove the swab without touching the soft tip or laying it down.
2. Holding the swab in the middle before the score line, collect sampling of the area.
3. Whilst holding the swab, unscrew the cap of the collection tube. Do not spill any of the contents.
4. Insert the swab into the tube, and snap at the score line. Do not remove the swab from the tube or re-cap the tube without breaking the swab, otherwise the shaft will break the cap foil and the sample will be rejected.