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Plasma EGFR analysis


Plasma EGFR analysis
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Turnaround Time:

14 working days


Approximately 10% of Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) harbour an activating mutation in the gene encoding EGFR, resulting in constitutive activation of the kinase activity of the EGFR protein. Tumours positive for an EGFR mutation may respond to anti-EGFR therapy. EGFR plasma mutation status is determined using the Cobas EGFR mutation test (Roche). DNA derived from plasma sampling can be used as a less-invasive procedure for determination of resistance mutations such as EGFR T790M.

Vessels and Containers:

Roche plasma tubes

Sample Requirements:

Special plasma collections tubes should be requested directly from the lab. Please do NOT refrigerate sample. Sample tubes should be kept at room temperature.

How result is reported:

Results that are not distributed digitally will be posted to the address provided on the request.


Plasma EGFR

Transportation and Handling:

Specimens in transit should comply with UN3373 under ADR (The European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road)

Time limits for requesting additional examinations:

Within one month of submission of sample