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BCR-ABL1 Major monitoring


BCR-ABL1 Major monitoring
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Turnaround Time:

10 working days


Detection of the BCR-ABL1 p210 fusion transcript for monitoring purposes in previously diagnosed CML patients. Transcripts detected: e13a2/b2a2 and e14a2/b3a2

Sample Requirements:

Two 4ml blood in EDTA (purple top) Vacuette. Stored at 4°C for up to 72 hours.

How result is reported:

Results that are not distributed digitally will be posted to the address provided on the request. Reported on the International Scale (%IS).

Transportation and Handling:

Samples should be sent to the lab in same day delivery transport. Please refrigerate samples if storing overnight. Samples older than >96 hours will not be analysed.

Time limits for requesting additional examinations: