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Molecular Diagnostics Requests


All specimens should be directed to the address below:

Molecular Diagnostics

Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Lavis Suite 2ndFloor

Egerton Road




Both the specimen label and the request form must be fully completed. The lab will reserve the right to reject any samples that do not meet the criteria below. The minimum requirements for completion of the form are:


  1. Patient name, date of birth and identifying numbers.
  2. Name of sender.
  3. Ward, department or address of sender.
  4. Clinical details, including differential diagnosis.
  5. Previous biopsy history, with lab numbers if the sample is an FFPE block.

Please supply a contact telephone or pager number to facilitate discussion of the case by the clinical scientist or laboratory staff.

Please contact Bruno Ping (Lab Manager) if you need a digital copy of the request form - - or for any complaints or compliments.

Please Note:

We do not provide consent forms for genetic testing. Patient consent is assumed at the GP/Clinician stage before the sample is sent to us.



Please contact the lab if you would like more details regarding the technical aspects of the assays including measurement of uncertainty. 

Factors affecting the performance of the test or the interpretation of the result.  

  • Blood samples - clotted samples, incorrect anticoagulant used  and haemolysed samples.
  • Histology/Cytology samples - insufficient tumour content, under or overfixation of the specimen, necrotic specimens and decalcified specimens.


  • Out-of-hours service - No routine out-of-hours service is provided.
  •  Requesting Additional Tests - Additional tests on samples submitted should be requested in writing within one month of sample submission.
  •  Clinical advice - For clinical advice and analysis interpretation please contact a member of senior staff.
  • Data protection - the laboratory follow the guidelines issued by the Information Governance team at the Royal Surrey County Hospital for protection of personal information and confidentiality.


The onus to obtain consent for this testing lies with the consulting clinician, therefore the laboratory will presume that a clinician who has sent a sample has obtained valid consent.

After testing, part of a sample might be used to monitor thequality of laboratory results.

A full explanation of consent in genetic testing can befound at:


Complaints are recorded in the "Non-conformity Reporting Form" and transferred to the Berkshire and Surrey Pathology services non-conformity database for investigation and follow-up purposes. The investigation involves a reporter and a reviewer and is escalated to senior lab or Trust managers depending on the severity of the incident. If needed, please contact the lab for more detailed information on this process.

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