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Electronic Requesting Compatability

Will electronic requesting be used within all GP surgeries?

Sunquest currently supports the following GP systems:

       EMIS Web

       EMIS LV

       EMIS PCS

       InPS Vision

       TPP SystmOne


       Health Software Crosscare



If you use a system other than those listed above, please contact us for information.


Will electronic requesting be compulsory for all GPs using compatible computer systems?

Although electronic requesting will not be compulsory, we are hopeful that once GPs recognise the benefits, uptake will be high.  Surrey Pathology Services are dedicated to providing full support to all users of the system, and additional workshops can be organised to target any users experiencing difficulties.


What will happen in the event that the electronic requesting service becomes unavailable?

Electronic orders can be printed from standard A4 printers.  Surrey Pathology Services will provide all participating GP surgeries with the relevant stationary for generating the request forms.

When the electronic requesting service is operational, requests will be printed onto the front side of the stationary, which is effectively a blank sheet of paper that includes PID labels at the bottom.

On the back of this paper will be a contingency request form that a GP can fill in manually in the event that electronic requesting becomes unavailable.


This system should ensure that there is never a need to supply emergency manual request forms.

Examples of the request forms are available at the top of this page from the downloads section.


Who can I contact for more information?

For general support or any queries please contact the SPS Sunquest support team on:


( 01276 526552