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Point-of-Care Testing Equipment

All equipment supplied by BSPS  has been rigorously evaluated against laboratory analysers to ensure accurate and repeatable results. The service, maintenance and external quality assessment of devices are all part of a package that is designed to bring you peace of mind, enabling you to produce results that you can trust.

BSPS  bespoke service provides a full range of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) equipment and ongoing support.
  • The latest desk-top size BSPS  POCT technology is installed without disruption into your practice to aid fast clinical decision-making and support GPwSI clinics, bringing care closer to the patient.
  • We can work together flexibly. You run the POCT service and we support your practice every step of the way.


  • We provide the POCT service, you get all the benefits without the responsibility.

Our BSPS  bespoke Service Development Team will:

  • Identify appropriate users and equipment sites
  • Evaluate instruments, systems and protocols for optimum performance
  • Provide unbiased support and guidance on choice of equipment. The team will then purchase and install all equipment.
  • Monitor and maintain consumable supplies and reagents
  • Provide certified training and recertification building skills in your practice
  • Ensure quality control, calibration and quality assurance are maintained
  • Perform documentation and audit duties