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Why choose BSPS?

Why NHS Pathology

BSPS  also understands the need for more Pathology services to be carried out in the community.

Closer to home services avoid outpatient care and trips to hospital and provides access to diagnostics in convenient locations, improving patient experience.

  • We are frequently cited as being the diagnostics facility in the UK at the forefront in supporting point-of care services.
  • BSPS has dedicated teams that support both technical, clinical, and governance issues across a range of “best-in-class” technologies
  • BSPS can provide a tailored package for you to provide Point of Care testing for your patients, for example
    • urinalysis and glucose testing in surgeries
    • haematology, biochemistry, and blood gases in an community polyclinic environment
  • Acute care trust support in a hot-lab. Our satellite lab in Lymington community hospital is already up and running.