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Why switch to BSPS?

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BSPS  Supporting Independent Healthcare Providers

  • BSPS  is a cost effective service fit for modern practice with a tailored pathology package to save you time and effort, and offer patients a more efficient service
  • BSPS  enables fast clinical decision-making with easy access to diagnostic test results, related information and support
  • BSPS  provides a full range of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) equipment and ongoing support
  • BSPS  offers a fast, accurate and cost effective MRSA screening service which meets the Department of Health operational guidance to MRSA screen all relevant electiveadmissions, including patients treated by the independent sector

To see for yourself how BSPS  can deliver a superior service, which benefits you, your organisation and your patients, talk to BSPS .

Call 0845 658 9622 today to request a visit from a member of our Service Development Team who will discuss your requirements.