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Welcome to Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services (BSPS)

The new and improved website will soon be coming. If you are an existing user then don’t worry we will not be changing any of your details and you will still be able to log in as normal once the new site goes live.

Keep coming back and we will post some images of the site soon to see.

Why are we doing this?

Our BSPS website is now a little dated and we decided it was time to put some new and modern functionality into it. The same core information will still be here, however with a new and improved way to search for information, a better way for us to keep it up to date so new content will always be added as time goes by.

We’re looking forward to posting more detail soon.

Why choose BSPS?
  • Robust A dedicated logistic network, gives us the speed to serve you quickly, and the redundancy to serve you reliably.
  • Experienced Our highly experienced team provide you with a comprehensive service.
  • Innovative Our network is our strength, and at every turn we use our size and reach to deliver cutting edge pathology services.

Through our network, we are able to perform a greater range of specialist in-house tests and provide timely and reliable test results to assist in patient care and diagnosis. Most importantly, BSPS remain NHS managed, and driven to deliver the best quality service for our patients.

As a network, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation and are currently working with a number of suppliers on the development of new, network focused solutions.

For commercial enquiries:

0333 939 0062


Surrey Pathology Transport Services operates as a department within Surrey Pathology Services.

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Berkshire BSPS Laboratories.

Further information on the Berkshire BSPS laboratories can be found here