NHS Cervical Screening Programme – HPV primary screening service

In 2019, Berkshire & Surrey Pathology Services were awarded the contracts to provide HPV primary screening (NHS cervical screening programme) for the South East and South central regions. This includes all of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and parts of Dorset and Wiltshire. This service runs out of the St Peter’s Hospital site, serving an eligible population of 2 million women and refers patients to 30 Colposcopy units across the area. Testing is performed using the Aptima messenger RNA assay run on the Hologic Panther platform, with an expected workload of 730,000 tests per annum.

Important information

The national turnaround for cervical screening samples is 14 days from sample taken to result letter being received by patient.

All HPV primary screening samples should be taken using Gynaecological Thinprep system (Hologic).

The NHS cervical screening programme has clear national guidance which must be followed. All sample takers must adhere to the sample acceptance policy to avoid sample rejection.

Electronic requesting via ICE should be utilised at all GP practices. This is to reduce errors and increase turnaround times. If there is a failure with the ICE system, HMR101 forms should be used from open exeter.

All cervical sample takers must be fully trained and have obtained a valid sample taker code from the CSU sample taker database in order for samples to be processed.

Additional information

Sample taker database – asp-tr.bspssampletakers@nhs.net for queries.
To access https://cstd.asph.nhs.uk/

BSPS HPV helpdesk – 01932 726622 / asp-tr.bspshpv@nhs.net

Sample taker video link - 


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